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Master Sylvia Wong

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Sylvia's specialty is in Tai Chi (both traditional and international competition routines), weapons and Health Qigong. She is always a top player in international competitions and won enormous awards.


From year 2003 to 2014, she won 104 medals in total including 89 gold, 10 silver and 5 bronze as well as many Grand Champion titles!


2003 - 1st place in Women Tai Chi and 2nd place in the All-Around Champion in the Team Canada Trial in November


2004 - Silver medalist in Chen Style Tai Chi in the 1st World Traditional Wushu Championship in Zhengzhou, China in October; defeated rivalries from Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, US and Italy, etc.


2005 - Gold medalist in Chen Style Tai Chi and silver medalist in 42 Tai Chi Sword in Harbin 1st International Tai Chi Championship in Hei Long Jiang, China in January


2006 - Gold medalist in Other Tai Chi Hand Form and Other Tai Chi Sword in the 2nd World Traditional Wushu Championships in Zhengzhou, China in October


2007 - Taiji Grand Champion and 4 gold medals in Yang, Chen, Other Style and Taiji Straight Sword in the 2nd International Traditional Kungfu Wushu Tournament in US



 - 2nd place in Women Internal Arts in the International Chinese Traditional Martial Arts Competition in New York

 - Gold medalist in Other Tai Chi and Tai Chi Sword in the 3rd World Traditional Wushu Championships in Wu Dang Mountain, China


2009 - Taiji Grand Champion in the Legends of Kungfu World Martial Arts Championship in Dallas, Texas in June


2010 - International All Around Champion in the USAWKF National and International Wushu-Kungfu Championship in San Jose in July


Sylvia continues to make breakthrough in the field of Tai Chi. Her style is unique and elegant; she is able to combine the internal and external power in her forms. Her performance not only is enjoyable to watch, and inspire others to try!